Makhana look, for all intents and purposes, like humans. Their color ranges in every shade one might find in the human populace, but their eyes are always a glowing golden color. No other known manufactured race seems to have this feature, and it is believed to be some bi-product of the ascension of the Makhanan mind.


No known Makhana has ever died of old age. In fact, they don’t appear to age at all beyond that which they were created to mimic. Their personality ranges much in the same way as their human progenitors. Because of their historic mistreatment by humans, they tend to be cautious around them, yet enjoy interacting with members of the other races.


Centuries ago the Makhana fled persecution on Earth and formed a colony on the desolate world of Mercury, where humans could not follow. After winning their freedom they reached a peace with the Terrans, and built a Dyson shield—dubbed the Aegis of Apollo—to protect races of flesh from the damaging rays of the sun. Over the years the Mahkana have proven themselves fantastic scientists, strong warriors, and powerful conduits.


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